Exam Preparation Sessions


These sessions will help the student overcome stress and anxiety in preparing for an upcoming exam. Price displayed is per session

Perhaps your student is struggling to understand certain areas of their maths syllabus before an exam. With this service, I will focus on their specific problem areas before the exam.

Here are some of the key steps I will take in helping students prepare for an exam:

  • Understand similar maths problems as set in previous maths papers.
  • Explain to the student what steps need to be shown for the problems in each area of uncertainty. This will help achieve maximum marks.
  • Help to prepare the student for exam conditions – help read through each exam paper carefully, help ensure they’re understanding the question asked, ensure they are aware of time allowed for the exam, and finally, to ensure they’re prepared to move on and not dilly dally if they get stuck.
  • If possible, I will analyse numerous papers set by the same maths teacher to gain insight into their thinking. In so doing, the student will gain an advantage in showing steps and procedures in their solution as to exactly what needs to be shown.

These steps will provide the student with the time they need to cover all the areas in the syllabus. By being stuck in one area, students often spend far too much time trying to figure out what they’re missing and so become consumed and tormented by their misunderstanding.

This service ensures they are well-prepared (and prepared early) which massively reduces stress and anxiety before the exam.