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During my studies at school, I also experienced concepts and principles I did not fully understand then. Fortunately, with my present mathematical expertise, it is now easy to understand the uncertainties that you may encounter. It is then a blessing to be able to resolve them with ease, and share my knowledge with you.

With my present experience in mathematics from several perspectives, I am fortunate to find several ways to explain a concept to you so that you can UNDERSTAND the principles and procedures that they are being taught.

I started studying mathematics in the explosives industry, where the evaluation of concepts and development ideas with regards to safety aspects, environmental aspects, capital investment motivations, chemical reaction processes, yields and process documentation where the calculations were critical in guaranteeing the proposed outcomes.

During the completion of my B.Comm degree, one of my majors was Quantitative Management, which supplemented my mathematical knowledge substantially.

Whilst studying Electrical engineering, I was introduced to a totally new field of mathematics, where an additional field of expertise and knowledge was made available for me to use as a tutor. I have found a means to “use” complex mathematics to resolve problems in physics where the result of several movements (distance and direction) can be calculated.

With my present experience in mathematics from several perspectives, I am blessed to find several ways to explain solutions of the same problem using different concepts where applicable. It is important that you need to understand what you are being taught, and why, and how this information is relevant for future studies.

Where I find that the syllabus does not allow for sufficient explanation of concepts and procedures, I would endeavour to carefully broaden your knowledge base, improving your understanding, which would improve your potential for higher grades.

Together, we can find the right learning method, to help you master maths

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There is no other purpose for doing math tutoring, but to give the learner the tools, understanding and knowledge to enjoy and excel in mathematics, and gain more self confidence.

I would like to hear from you

Hennie Mouton


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